Flying Horse Event Save the Date


FLYINGHORSE is an annual performing arts fundraiser benefiting Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts smack dab in the heart of the Arts District. Mark your calendar for this year's event on Friday, April 19th and join us for a mind-blowing, heart-melting production showcasing and celebrating all of the infectious energy that is uniquely Arts Magnet.


Become a FLYINGHORSE Underwriter! Send in a donation! FLYINGHORSE partygoers include Dallas Arts Community philanthropists, neighbors, artists, arts lovers, arts education advocates, public education ambassadors, Booker T. students, faculty and administration, hipsters and true believers. Everyone has a role to play!

Host Committee


Community & Underwriters


  • Deedie Rose, Cherie Bayley in honor of Tami Thomsen


  • Jacquelin and William Atkinson, Baker Botts LLP, The Fleisher Family, Baker McKenzie and Michelle Hartmann, Tara Lewis and Amy Lewis Hofland, Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Meghan Looney, Sheryl and Eric Maas, The McRorie Family, Bridget and Josh Miller, Bradford Owen and Peter Augustus Owen, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, Marie and Angel Reyes, Madison and James Strode, Max Gillies and Cory Pope & Cassie and Brad Wiginton, Marilyn and Larry Waisanen, Stacie and Mark Whitley


  • Sami Abboud and Ross Blackstone, Flauren and Jason Bender, Billups, LLC, The Channel Factory, Lindsey Collins, Credit Union of Texas, Deanna and Jeremy Denning, Sally and Tom Dunning, Laurie Evans, Equilateral Films, Goodway Group, Sylvia and David Heck, Cristina Graham Helm, Forrest Gregg and Peter Rodway, Taylor and Chase Hill, Kaitlin Saragusa Kellerman, Holland and Knight LLP, Lisa and Peter Kraus, Nancy and Solomon Israel & Katherine Krause and Warren Zahler, Kelle Knight, Lacy and John Lawrence, David Liu and Michael Fountas, Natalie and Scott Noble, Missy and Tim Peck, Noel Pittman, Katherine and Eric Reeves, Pat and Jed Rosenthal, Jacqueline and William Stavi-Raines, Lauren and David Stewart, Rhonda and David Thompson, VIZIO, Anell and Kelly Williams, Sharon and Michael Young, ZETA TV